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THE DRUMS OF WAR DRAW NEAR – STEELSERIES INTRODUCES THE SIBERIA ELITE WORLD OF WARCRAFT EDITION HEADSET FOR WARLORDS OF DRAENOR SteelSeries in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, announced the upcoming release of the Siberia Elite World of Warcraft Edition Headset. Gamers will soon … Read More

Before BioWare gives any real Mass Effect 4 Update They want to know what you want in Mass Effect 4 EA gets a lot of flack for just releasing newer versions of their old games. That doesn’t mean other companies aren’t doing it as well. For instance BioWare is developing Mass Effect 4 … Read More

You may be aware that Samsung are working on their very own VR Headset for mobile devices. News is spreading like wildfire that Oculus has taken on the role of dealing with the software to go with Samsung’s hardware. On the 22nd May 2014 Engadget reported that Samsung were working on a VR… Read More

Are You Ready For The Nvidia Shield Tablet? Nvidia Doesn’t seem To Be The Shield is Nvidia’s handheld console which stands out even in the niche area of handheld console gaming. That was all thanks to its unique features and console/PC level performance. The Nvidia Shield is a… Read More

“Sunset Overdrive” shows you how to enjoy the Awesomepocalypse with friends in a new Chaos Squad Video   Microsoft and Insomniac Games unveiled the first look at “Sunset Overdrive’s” co-op multiplayer at E3 and have released an action-packed video which provides more details on the experien… Read More

#Review of the .@Asus GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCu II OC
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Hauppauge (pronounced HOP-HOG) have become synonymous with capturing gameplay footage from consoles. They have had successes with the original HD PVR Gaming Edition then the HD PVR 2. Now to make it easier for gamers and YouTubers to capture gameplay footage on the go, Hauppauge have introduced… Read More

Ubisoft announced that Trials Fusion, the popular platform racer from RedLynx is receiving a free update, the first of many planned to introduce new features for the game. The free update brings online tournaments to the game, giving players the chance to show… Read More

Activision had a few moments between enemy waves here to share with you the latest gameplay trailer and details for Escalation, the co-op multiplayer survival mode making a big comeback in Activision’s TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE DARK SPARK. Megatron’s bid to claim Cybertron’s … Read More

Infinite Crisis: fight evil and avenge Krypton as Supergirl! Get an early look at Supergirl, the latest champion from Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe! On Wednesday, July 2, players can make the world a better place –… Read More