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Logitech Engineers Most Advanced Mechanical Gaming Keyboard In the World Logitech G910 Orion Spark Features Exclusive New Romer-G Mechanical Switches, Intelligent RGB Illumination and Arx Control Integration Logitech announced the Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard. The keyboard… Read More

Introduction Logitech have some of the absolute best gaming mice on the market so, as one of their pricier models, you would expect something great from the G502 Proteus Core. With its updated design and improved DPI, it’s a significant improvement over the G500s, but is it worth the extra £20 mo… Read More

PS4 Sales Break One Million Milestone in UK Sales landmark surpassed in record time, confirming PlayStation 4 as UK’s favourite next-gen console PS4 has its position confirmed as the UK’s next-generation console of choice, with independent sales data revealing over one million PS4… Read More

ASUS X99 Series Motherboards: One click overclock and cooling, done! One click takes care of all that complex tuning. Your PC is smart with ASUS 5-Way Optimization. It dynamically optimizes essential aspects of your system based on real-time use – so you get s… Read More

How to Build the Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 (Corsair Labs) Corsair Labs teaches you how to build a high performance system inside the Carbide Series Air 240 enclosure. Read More

Astro A38 Run with the Mob Join Astro as they follow 5pts, Evan and Sabina throughout the day as they get ready for a night with the Flaskmob. The video shows off the Astro A38 gaming headset being used with a console, hand-console and their mobile phones. The… Read More

The MSI X99S SLI Plus motherboard is one of many boards from MSI to use the new X99 chipset from Intel. Although this is technically on the lower end of the spectrum when compared against the other boards, it still has a lot of the same features. Namely, the X99 chipset from Intel, the LGA… Read More

Overview Corsair Vengeance is reportedly one of the most popular lines of RAM. Its relatively cheap price point, decent specs, and design that has overclocking in mind, makes it very attractive to those building a powerful PC on a budget. As you may expect, then, Corsair have already created… Read More

Design The Logitech G402 brings a much-needed refresh to the design of the G400s. Logitech’s FPS mouse now has the sharp angular appearance that we first saw in the G602, resulting in a far sleeker and more attractive mouse that’s far comfier in the… Read More

The MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro Dragon Edition is the newest laptop to join the Dragon Edition Family, part of MSI’s Gaming Series line. The MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro Dragon (2014) Edition is an improved model compared to the GT70 Dominator Dragon Edition. In this review I’m looking at the … Read More